Offsite Backup Solutions – Business Continuity

We all know the importance of having a reliable backup, however all too often many businesses misplace their tapes, or simply forget to change them on a daily basis. Internal backup solutions often require maintenance, replacing, cleaning and constant monitoring. In addition, unless the tapes or external hard disks are taken off site, then there is the risk of losing them via theft or fire.

With an Offsite Backup Solution you no longer need to worry about any of these issues. Your data is securely stored on offsite servers, ensuring it is always secure and available when you need it most.

How It Works

With our simple to implement backup solution, we take a complete copy of your business related files and folders, including database products and emails. This data is transmitted using using high end encryption across the Internet to our servers located throughout the UK. After this any changes or additions to the files or databases are then backed up.

We can store 28 days worth of changes, so you can recover files you changed from anytime between the previous day to a month ago.

We constantly monitor the backup and provide a fully managed solution, so you do not need to worry about the integrity of your data.

All this is offered at a low cost and can give you piece of mind in the knowledge that you business data is safe and secure and only available to you.

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